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I know why you’re here. You need content. Whether that be a photograph for your website or video for Instagram. Now let’s be honest. You’ve already glanced at the pricing and the first thought that came to mind was “They want how much! My cell phone can do that”; and fortunately for you and unfortunately for us; you’re not wrong!  The question is simple: why would you need a photographer or videographer in an age where the device in your pocket transforms you into both simultaneously. 


When it comes to standing out amongst the ocean of others in your market; quality is how you’ll get noticed. This is why people such as us are still and always will be valuable. Sure your phone can shoot 4k and you can edit in iMovie; but that won’t look nearly as polished as what we can create for you. Megapixels and flashy new aspect ratios are nice, but Marvel films don’t gross a billion dollars solely because it was shot on an Arri Alexa. The filmmakers used that tool to center a well crafted and thought out story aimed at particular audience for their enjoyment. 


Ever seen an ad that made you stop scrolling and pay attention that you watched more than once? You watched it again because it made you feel something or it connected with you in some way. This is the dynamic we can bring to your content. Heartfelt, emotional, relevant storytelling that will read as more than just: “Big Deal, they had a gimbal and a 4K camera, I could do that with my cell phone!”

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